2019 Fabrications, George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.

2018 Phillips Park Avenue Gallery, N.Y.C.

2016 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2013 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
         George Billis Gallery, L.A.
2009 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2007 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2006 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2002 Washington Art Association, Washington CT.
1993 First Street Gallery, N.Y.C.
1992 Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA

2019 Platform Project Space, N.Y.C.
2015 NY Studio School, N.Y.C.
2013 NY Studio School, N.Y.C
2011 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2010 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2009 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2008 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2007 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2006 George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2005 George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles
         George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2004 American Academy of Arts and Letters, N.Y.C. (Purchase Prize).
         George Billis Gallery, N.Y.C.
2003 Diamantina Gallery, Brooklyn.
         Washington Square East Galleries, N.Y.C.
2002 Elizabeth Harris Gallery, NY.
2000 Great Hall Gallery, Cooper Union, NY.
1998 Parrish Art Museum, Southampton NY.
1997 John Pence, San Francisco.
1996 Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY
1995 Klienert James Art Center, Woodstock, NY
         K&E Gallery, N.Y.C.
         Hurlbutt Gallery, Greenwich, CT
         John Pence Gallery, San Francisco.
         Art & Architecture Gallery, Yale University.
1994 Pence, San Francisco.
         Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY.
1993 TAWA, Trenton NJ.
         First Street Gallery, N.Y.C.
         Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
1992 First Street Gallery, N.Y.C.
         Bowery Gallery, N.Y.C.
         First Street Gallery, N.Y.C.
1991 First Street Gallery, N.Y.C.
         Bowery Gallery, N.Y.C. Juror: Nell Blaine.

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2005-06 SUNY Purchase, Figure Drawing.
2001-04 Parsons, Foundation Dept., Drawing Fundamentals.
1999 Figure Drawing II, NY Academy of Art, MFA.
1996-97 Drawing from the Architectural Landscape, Yale Graduate School of Architecture

1993-95 Yale University School of Art, MFA, Ely Harwood Schless Memorial Fund Prize.
1981-84 Columbia Univ. Graduate School of Architecture, MArch; Registered New York State, 1988.